Department of Public Works

Edwardo Martinez, Supervisor


The Department of Public Works (DPW) is headed by the Superintendent of Public Works.

*They are responsible for general road maintenance and maintenance of DPW vehicles and equipment. 

*They are responsible for snow removal operations.

*Leaf collection, grass clippings, and small brush are collected by the DPW department all year long.  This collection is suspended once there is snow on the ground and until the spring thaw.  Please note: leaves and grass clippings must be placed into the brown recyclable bags and placed curbside for pick up by our DPW.  Small brush cannot exceed four feet in length and four inches in diameter.  This should be tied with twine into manageable piles and left curb side for DPW to pick up.

*They are responsible for picking up recyclables also.  Please refer to the recycling tab on the home page of this web site for more specific information regarding this area.

Appliance pickup is also done by the DPW department and throughout the year. These items are to be placed curbside.  Any appliance that has Freon in it will require a sticker for it to be picked up.  The stickers can be purchased at Borough Hall for a fee of $15.  Examples of items that have Freon are refrigerators and air conditioners.

The Borough’s sewer system is handled by Rockaway Valley Sewer Authority.

The Borough’s water system is handled through the Town of Dover.

For information on household hazardous waste, paint and recycling at the county level go to:

Trash Removal Company

Peter Rubinetti Private Disposal, LLC
PO Box 50
New Vernon, NJ 07976
(908) 766-1467
Customer: Victory Gardens Borough